Download the Ardestan executable file (or the jar file) from the Ardestan’s github page.

  • macOS
    Download and unzip the file. Clicking should launch the Ardestan IDE.

  • Windows
    Download and unzip the file. There are two directories: win64 (for Windows 64bit) and win32 (for Windows 32bit). Use one of these executable files that matches your environment. You may be asked to install a required Java Runtime Environment on the first start up.

  • Other platforms (linux 64/32, linux arm 64/32)
    Download Ardestan.jar. Type the below command to launch the Ardestan IDE in the directory you placed Ardestan.jar . You also need to install a Java Runtime Environment (1.8 or later).

    java -jar Ardestan.jar

Launch the Ardestan IDE

NOTE: Make it sure that you are connected to the Internet when you launch the Ardestan for the first time. Ardestan needs update the internal information and download the necessary files from the Internet.

Figure 1. A screenshot of the Ardestan IDE

If you successfully launched the Ardestan IDE, the IDE window as shown in Figure 1 would show up in your display.

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